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Apollo Wears Adidas is an exhibition presenting a new body of work by British artist Seth Stewart-Brown. Seth recently graduated in Fine Art at City & Guilds of London Art School. 


Stewart-Brown's practice is mainly focused on painting and drawing, rendered in a figurative style, his works borrow inspiration from his daily surroundings; London streets and its people. The artist paints life sized portraits and figures contained within an architectural setting, resembling renaissance compositions. 


Paying special attention on the methods of paint application, his oil compositions are filled with a variety of marks and brushstrokes to create a contemporary loose aesthetic that brings together classicism and impressionism in a time of pop culture. 


The characters depicted are presented as gods and goddesses from our time. The brightened palette gives the works an overall other worldly feel, as if the viewer is peering into a mythological world which is taking place right in front of us.

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