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05.07 - 07.07.19

Open 12PM - 6PM

Private View: Friday 5th July


Abi Braley

Robert Last

Ellie Turner


Britain’s Home of Tomorrow- Today!

Boosting the best of modern appliances, with serenading microwaves bings. This show home aims to dazzle and please but don’t be mistaken this British home comes a with doomsday reserve to make any good housewife weak at the knees. With preparations for societal collapse, this implacably designed show home will cater to the whole family’s need.

As a collective formed in Farnham, Artists Abi Braley, Robert Last and Ellie Turner have come together to explore the ideals of the perfect British home in the context of our current political


Modelled off every nan’s home this multi-media installation combines the three artists ways of working.

While wrestling ideas around the absurd to counteract the status society projects onto us and objects. Contesting the moral atrophy of British politics and society, the mundane is used as a tool to undermine hierarchies designed by the privileged and powerful to increase the disparity between social strata.

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