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Open Call


Rachel Irons 
Veronika Neukirch 
Pippa Eason 
Kirsty Harris 
Paul Vivian 
Amanda Kyritsopoulou 
Trystan Williams 
Sanne Maloe Slecht
Mitch Vowels 
Joe Richardson 
Max Kesteloot 
Georgia Sowerby
Sebastian Chaumeton 
Alexander Glass
Connor Brazier

Invited Artists

Andrew Hart Luca Bosani Ted Targett Juan Manuel Salas Valdivia


Extended Call is a 3 Part open source research project organised by Nelle Gevers & Billy Fraser with the support of Charlie Siddick, Subsidiary Projects, & many others along the way.


For more detail information about the project, photographic archive, texts and participants click here.


Part 1 took place 11th of May, at 10 Soho locations over the course of two weeks. Documentation of this can be found on the Extended Call website. Over the duration of the ‘exhibition’, hundreds of copies of each work were dispensed frequently and disappeared freely.


Part 2 (still live at The Parasite RCA), Extended Call welcomed 12 artists, many of which had taken part in the previous installment consider again the dimensions and scale of their work within the new display setting.


Part 3, 12 new artists will be selected through an open call process to exhibit alongside the previously participating artists, the project will be taken into a new alternative exhibiting space, Subsidiary Projects. 


This is the most ambitious exhibition at Subsidiary to the date, holding a total of 33 artists of varied modalities.


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