Subsidiary Projects is thrilled to present FLAMBOYANT FLAMINGO TAKES A DIP IN THE POOL FOR PURSUIT OF HAPPINESS, SHHH... an exhibition by Blackpool based artists Garth Gratrix.Gratrix is an artist, curator and director of artist led space Abingdon Studios and ICW Gallery.


His work to date is experimental with concepts and arrangements of materials that seek to explore the relationship between space, everyday encounter and queerness as a means to queer minimalism.


For Subsidiary Projects, the artist continues to draw from his most recent work “Orgy” currently installed at Prosjektrom Normanns, Stavanger, Norway using four colours in dialogue with one another- Flamboyant Flamingo, Dip in the Pool, Pursuit of Happiness and Shhh...


The introduction of colour is a survey of found specifications available in the UK market today; all of which re-appropriate homosexual language and or innuendo.


The artist explores tongue in cheek narratives within the things he puts together allowing aesthetic arrangements to be born out of a dialogue and or restrictions of language.


Recent exhibitions include: Gratrix & Buskov, Prosjektrom Normanns, Norway, One door in the Cradle, MILK, Middlesborough, You’re Reading Into It, Vane, Newcastle, Campground, A Small View, Liverpool, Destroy Blackpool, Supercollider Contemporary Art Projects. He is also a current recipient of A-N Coaching Bursary and recently shortlisted for Clore Visual Artist Fellowship.