I am interested in the human need to make known the unknown through the creation of physical artefacts; in what way we generate spiritual meaning through the manipulation of organic matter into a physical representation. This includes both, the elements used [fire, burned wood, metal and clay], and the processes applied [metal working, wood burning, casting and moulding] as the first explored primary elements associated with rituals and ceremonies. 


My recent work explores objects of worship and how they hold a life and a presence of their own. I have been analysing symbols, unknown relics, objects of veneration and power, rituals and myths, monoliths…etc. 


I am mainly focused on artefacts and monoliths as symbolic containers, objects of veneration and mystery. Looking at the layering of symbolic meaning projected onto the object of worship, which turns the inanimate matter into The Icon. The object, as a result of an alchemical process, or sciamanic investiture, becomes a representation of the human strive to conceal the unknown things. 


Exploring the individual´s psychological engagement and immersive experience with the object each artwork creates a charged space, representative of a portal through the inside and the outside. The pieces offer the possibility of realisation regarding their mesmerizing mystery and a glimpse of what they might hold. This generates experiences that help understand and reflect on the self and the notion of being human.


The understanding of visual codes becomes the channel for unified communication between worshipers and the worshiped, within this process there is the figure of the creator, who becomes a vessel that translates the spiritual into the physical realm.  

 Maria Positano


Text edited by Jordan Heighes


Photographer: Irene Gonzalez