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Subsidiary Projects is a project born as a reaction to the lack of affordable exhibition space for emerging artists and curators the difficulty emerging artists face to develop large-scale ambitious work.


Alongside the physical exhibitions, we are eager to explore alternative ways of exhibiting and getting ideas developed. 


The vast majority of art practitioners are forced to juggle their creative career with different jobs in order to sustain themselves (and their projects) economically, this makes it almost impossible to translate some of their ideas into reality. 


The essence of PseudoSpaces is based on the idea that no matter how little the means, every idea should be recorded.


The aim is to generate an archive of those ideas that due to different circumstances cannot be rendered into a real exhibition. These include lack of affordable space or economical mediums, never-ending work shifts that make it impossible to focus 100% on your art practice, not being able to afford materials… etc


The project allows art practitioners to dream big and think of the unthinkable: let us re-conquer space, in every size.


While it is possible to record ideas with the help of digital mediums, we believe a huge part of the creative process goes into physically creating, altering and manipulating, a constant trial error through an exploration of different mediums and techniques.


*some artist’s main medium is the digital sphere if someone feels more comfortable recording the idea in a digital medium they should do so. 




Scale models and dioramas can have a huge impact on the way we understand our practice, through them, we are able to perceive dimensions, understand the relations and connection between our works and alter them.


We want to encourage artists and curators to generate their ‘ideal’ exhibition in a small pseudo-space, to render their ideas through a scale model/ maquette/diorama.


The finished maquette will be photographed and uploaded to our public digital archive.


*Photographing a scaled reality helps the viewer (and the artist) to place themselves on it, project their image onto those pseudo-spaces.


It is very important that all models can be placed together in one space (in this case, a digital one) for archival reasons. We will use Subsidiary Project’s webpage, as well as a hashtag as forms of archiving. 

Subsidiary Projects will accept any project for its website and Instagram, (there are no limitations) generating an archive of what cannot yet be done. 


The dioramas should ideally be accompanied by a text (a sort of press release but NOT quite), it can be a rant against walls, a poem, a story, a technical description…


The hashtags we will use are :  

#pseudoSPACES and #SubsidiaryGALLERY