Review: The Potion Room


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On the potion room

Fad Magazine Subsidiary Projects

Interview by Hector Campbell

How do you fit 46 artists into one show?


Interview by Richard Starbuck

Interview with Subsidiary Projects director


Article at Assemblage Magazine

On Subsidiary Projects

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Article by Charlie Siddick

Weekly Musings 04/03/19

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Article by Issey Scott

Subsidiary Projects: Darlings of the Underground


Interview by Floorr Magazine

Interview with Extended Call founders Nelle Gevers and Billy Fraser


Boundary Online

Art Picks: January


Text by Megan Elliott and Kim Booker

Dateagleart and Assemblage Magazine

Article by Kadish Morris

London’s Nocturnal Contemporary Arts Festival Art Night 2018 Asked: What Do We Call Home Now?

Article by Elena Viale

Gli annunci di sesso a pagamento delle cabine telefoniche di Londra, rivisitati

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Article by Megan Wallace

What's life after graduating from art school really like?