Not genuine; sham.

Subsidiary Projects is a project born as a reaction to the lack of affordable exhibition space for emerging artists and curators.


Alongside the physical exhibitions, we are eager to explore alternative ways of exhibiting and getting ideas developed. 


PseudoSpaces is a response to the difficulty emerging artists face to develop large scale ambitious work.

This is why we want to generate an archive of all of those ideas that cannot yet be develop due to different circumstances. 

The way to do so is by generating physical scale models and dioramas of those ideas which then will be photographed and uploaded to our website.

Subsidiary Projects will accept any project for its website and Instagram (submissions via email), there are no limitations on how to do the dioramas (although we are happy to give advice regarding their construction and how to photograph them). Our goal is to generate an archive of what cannot yet be done. The hashtags we will use are :  #pseudoSPACES and #SubsidiaryGALLERY