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April 2020




How long have I been wed

to myself? Calling myself

darling, dressing for my own

pleasure, each morning

choosing perfume to turn

me on. How long have I been

alone in this house but not

alone? Married less

to the man than to the woman

silvering with the mirror.

I know the kind of wife

I need and I become her:

the one who will leave

this earth at the same instant

I do. I am my own bride,

lifting the veil to see

my face. Darling, I say,

I have waited for you all my life.

Map Rooms.jpg

All of us are eager to leave our houses and continue with life as we knew it before this all started, however, there can be comfort to be found in the home. 


This exhibition brings together fifteen works that depict the domestic environment of artists we discovered online. Divided into three rooms: Kitchen, Bedroom and Bathroom, each section showcases the work of five different artists. We want to prove that we can still use tools such as the internet to connect. 


‘Rooms’ can be visited online, from your own phone or even better on your laptop, where the details of each work can be truly appreciated. 


Invited artists by alphabetical order:


Maddie Yuille, Matt Macken, Ellie Pratt, Mandy Hudson, Nettle Grellier, Luke Silva, Alexander Basil, Serpil Mavi Ustun, Angus McCrum, Charlie de Voet, Richard Baker, Prudence Flint, Minyoung Choi, Gareth Cadwallader and Henni Alftan.

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