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@Subsidiary_Projects is thrilled to announce Tactile Reminder Of A World Soon To Be Obliterated. In this group exhibition three artists raise questions regarding their perception of the human body in relation to the domestic space.


The work explores (yet) unsolvable issues interrogating our understanding of sensorial experiences, arguing against the expectations of the brain. Through an instinctive process the work creates misleading, disrupted and forced connections which are characterized by helpless contingencies, which, overly attached to a specific time and space, will eventually arrive to their own extinction.


As a means of arriving to a common denominator, the exploration of the subject takes shape in different mediums such as collage, video and sculpture. The works intrude and alter the space in an unclear narrative manner.

Lisa Melkumov

currently studies Interaction Design Arts at London College of Communication. Her work is based on sociological phenomena explored through interpersonal relationships. She has been part of several group shows in Mallorca and London such as The Science Gallery and Galeria Berlin


In this installation video piece Body Affordance, she explores the term introduced by Norman and Gibson ‘Affordance’ which defines the design aspect of an object which suggests how it should be used and the possibilities of action in its design (in this case, the human body. This project is aiming to describe both the affordances and anti-affordances between two people in a relationship. On one hand, the self-confident interactions taken by the couple, reflect in the images the concept of affordance as a learned behavior, on the other hand, anti-affordance is represented as the exploration of the unexpected limits of each other in the encounter.




Mahaut Harley 

freshly graduated from Camberwell College of Art, University of The Arts of London last summer. While being part of various group shows including one in Italy as part of the Atina Residency she is about to take part in a new journey in January as an art resident at Muse Gallery.


With her distinctive attention to being a female artist, Mahaut feels the indispensable need to translate both individual and multiple concerns about women’s role in society. Her endless investigation of the ‘body’ led her to examine the superficial interpretation of the female body in fashion advertising. Through the female gaze, the ‘body’ is depicted as the origin of language, the result of inner emotions and a biographical revelation of her psychic state. By creating out of focus, deconstructed works she is recreating the original, and giving a new meaning to the ready-made. What happened in the past is not gone but transformed into the modern. This endless process of reassembling and reconstructing the damaged reflects the ancient Japanese philosophy of embracing the damaged, Wabi Sabi, that resolves in breaking traditional ideals of imperfection where the pristine is less beautiful than the imperfect. The appropriation of ready-made imagery and found elements is translated into faceless compositions of twisted legs and arms resulting in a multiplied landscape of dismembered limbs, she is familiarizing the uncomfortable into her ideal of aesthetic to later give birth to unique artworks which of whom one can appreciate the singular new beauty.




Natalia Gonzalez

Recently graduated in Fine Art BA at City & Guilds of London Art School. Since then she has participated in several group and solo exhibitions, including the Woolwich Print Fair and Liminal Boundaries.

Regarding her practice, she has been primarily concerned with matter and the need of humanity to preserve it from the decay of time. Questions around the precariousness of the stablished value given to objects become palpable in her work. For this exhibition she has focused on the reinterpretation of mundane and domestic objects and its passive interactions around a specific space. 


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